A response to IWANTEDWINGS: why feminism isn’t enough.

The debate continues! An interesting and well-written response to my own response to Women Against Feminism at https://iwantedwings.wordpress.com (Thanks ana74x!)


One thought on “A response to IWANTEDWINGS: why feminism isn’t enough.

  1. Mina Montgomery-Matosi says:

    What can I do for Feminism? I can try to to work toward equality for all women, men and children, including those in Western cultures.

    Western white feminists rarely mention the injustices that women of colour in Western societies are subjected to — and often by white women defining themselves as feminists. These white feminists must certainly realise that they enjoy privileges in education and employment opportunities, in higher pay and in better living conditions than less privileged women of other races in their own countries, but we don’t hear them speaking up about this disparity and discrimination that they benefit from as well as white men.

    Moreover, logically, the overall average of differences in pay might just take into consideration the lower salaries that women of colour are paid; which are usually not only less than those of their male counterparts but often less than those of their white female colleagues doing the same job. Until Western white feminists speak up for all women — those in faraway places as well as those in their communities — their attested convictions, commitment and outrage will be viewed by many with suspicion.


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